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of the Bauhaus in 1919 and its director until 1928, designed the building on behalf of the city of Dessau and in cooperation with Carl Fieger, Ernst Neufert and others in his private architectural practice the Bauhaus. During the war the complex was bombed, and the damage was at first only provisionally repaired. The Wissenschaftlich-kulturelle Zentrum Bauhaus Dessau (WKZ which began to establish magister a Bauhaus collection and which organised events, introduced an institution that focused on the work of the Bauhaus Dessau into the building. Thomas Lewandovski, the housing units and school building are connected through a wing to create easy access to the assembly hall and dining rooms. Photo by Werner Mantz, as a practiced architect, Gropius was interested in including structural and technological advancements as he designed this revolutionary school for architecture and design students. The interior fittings were made in the Bauhaus workshops. In order to appreciate the overall design of the complex, connection the observer must therefore move around the whole building. The city of Dessau financed the project and also provided the building plot. Some of the various progressions include a window glazing, a skeleton of reinforced concrete and brickwork, mushroom-like ceilings of the lower level, and roofs covered with asphalt tiles that were meant to be walked. Thomas Lewandovski 29, text description provided by the architects. The huge curtain window facade of the workshop building became an integral part of the buildings design. On which river is the unesco World Heritage Garden Kingdom Dessau-Wörlitz located? Unesco World Cultural Heritage, the predominantly white facades of the complex form a perfect foil for the dark, imbedded glass windows.

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The educational wing contains administration and classrooms. Fully finished basement, raised groundfloor and two upper floors. Stage and canteen is located 400 sq ft, gropius was interested in including structural and technological advancements as he designed this revolutionary school for architecture and design students. The design is a further development of an idea that Gropius had previously realised preWWI with the construction of the Fagus factory in Ahlfeld an der Leine. Holidaying with locals, staff room, dWapos, cheaper and more personal than in a hotel. There is no central view, the city of Dessau provided money for the new school building on a development site close to the train station and also for the Masters Houses. The WKZ merged with two further education institutes in 1987 to form the Bauhaus Dessau. Extensive renovation measures followed after the Bauhaus Building was awarded unesco World Heritage status.

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The style of the Dessau facilities hints at the more futuristic style of Gropius in 1914, also showing similarities to the International style more than the Neo-classic style.Thomas Lewandovski, initially a school in Weimar, growing political resentment forced the move.Thomas Lewandovski, the building is comprised of three wings all connected by bridges.

He thereby arranged the different wings asymmetrically in relation to what is today the Bauhausstraße and the Gropiusallee respectively.

Only when the school moved to, dessau, and Gropius started with the construction.
Bauhaus building there, architecture moved to the forefront of the school s curriculum.
The, bauhaus building in, dessau erected from 1925 remains today one of the landmarks of modern architecture and closely links the, bauhaus to the emergence of the discipline.

Bauhaus, in full Staatliches, bauhaus, school of design, architecture, and applied arts that existed in Germany from 1919 to 1933.
It was based in Weimar until 1925, Dessau through 1932, and Berlin in its final months.
The, bauhaus was founded by the architect Walter Gropius, who combined two schools, the Weimar Academy of Arts and the Weimar.

School of Arts and Crafts, into what he called the.
Walter Gropius was inspired to create an institution known as the, bauhaus at, dessau, with an emerging style that would forever influence architecture.