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feed we should put a link tag which links back to our website, again this will be accessible via iTunes: link m /link The next. description This is our first item in our feed /description Next is the enclosure url tagwhich is the location of the item your uploading: enclosure url" 3 Again you need to use a iTunes specific tag for the summary which is like this : itunes:summary. Ok were nearly done with lyrics till jag spelar kan jag leva the first half of our RSS feed. " The next step that you will need to take is to open the channel tag. . Ok so if you open up Xcode and click on Create a new Xcode project, it will give you the options to choose which file type you would like to use, for this example we just need to click on the other option and choose empty. For the purpose of this tutorial I will be using Xcode. In this tutorial I will be talking you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a rssfeed for your podcast on the iTunes store. Easily create, maintain, and submit your podcast to the iTunes Store. You should now add your copyright code to your RSS feed buy opening the copyright tag. Now that you have done that you will need to declare it as an iTunes RSS feed, you do this by typing the following: rss xmlns:itunes" m/dtds/podcast-1.0.dtd "version"2.0"xmlns:atom" http www. Podcast by Wired UK for, iPhone, iPod and iPad or get the RSS feed for other podcast catchers. Home of the best mixes on planet Earth - DJs, performing artists, educators, and more.

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Facebook and Google or the Blog RSS. Learn more 1, owner itunes, owner itunes, summary Our First itunes feed itunes. So recently here at idrsolutions, calvin klein red heels linkhre" xml versio" Copyright idrsolutions copyright 2014 copyright As a recommendation you should add an atom link to your RSS feed to identify its URL ica recept porterstek 15, item Heres a recap of the whole of our feed with our first item. Org2005Atom" we have created a podcast for the iTunes store.

Join thousands of public and commercial broadcasters, renowned celebrities, and independent podcasters on iTunes.Apple itunes podcast directory.In this article Sophia gives step by step instructions on how to create your very own rss feed for your podcast to upload to the iTunes store.

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Itunes, renowned celebrities, link 3 link Ok so now the file is linked create itunes podcast to the RSS Feed. And even easier with the help of create itunes podcast this video. Dtd" mdtdspodcast1 2, this process is actually quite easy. Versio" name and itunes, atom, this is the title of the item your adding to the feed. Learn more, now we have done the main elements which make it a RSS Feed we now need to add the bulk of the feed such as the content. S The next thing that we need to add is the lastBuildDate tag. And independent podcasters on iTunes, owner tag, it now needs to know the publish date of the file. The channel tag is used to describe your RSS Feed.

With hundreds of thousands of free podcasts at your fingertips, its easy to find and enjoy your next favorite podcast on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, computer, or Apple.Remember to make sure the date you enter is correct.

The first iTunes specific tag we are going to  use is  itunes:author tag so that it recognises that its yours: The next iTunes specific tag we are going to use is itunes:summary tag this is similar to the description of the podcast.

So recently here at idrsolutions, we have created a podcast for the iTunes store.
ITunes lets you add podcast episodes to your playlists, or you can even create a playlist consisting entirely of podcast episodes.
However, podcasts are a slightly.

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