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any more than we can trust all the other "communities" regarding everything else on gratis mönster på trikåmössa till baby Wikipedia: Wikipedia is based on verifiability, not truth, and certainly not trust. We have the link to m, and they link to Spellbound pretty well, so Spellbound is not hard to find. What am I thinking of? Several resources on the web (such as m ) claim there's no theremin swedish lottery results in the Doctor Who theme! My answer here: after browsing the site, I concluded that the site is not the type or quality of site that should be linked from this encyclopedia article. A string is basically a one-dimensional playing field, whereas a theremin has a three-dimensional one. It grows gradually by dribs and drabs, and eventually someone notices the mess. On the other hand, I've never heard of Beatrix Ward-Fernandez at all, in any theremin circles, but that doesn't necessarily mean her inclusion isn't valid. The fact that Theremin himself was Russian is very clearly covered in the article. I move to revert this edit because the instrument was developed in the Soviet Union by a Russian inventor. Thank you for not deleting the reference to my Internet radio program. There are still a lot of "isolated" thereminists. Some should probably be moved to history, some to the "art music" section of "Theremin in Use". A work having a worldwide audience is more appropriate, but only if the work is notable for its use of a theremin. THD3 ( talk ) 15:20, (UTC) Some dictionaries use antennas for describing one pair, and antennae for more, although I like your way better. That would cut a lot of the questionable personnel from said list. Also, two of Wkipedia's most important policies require civility by editors and forbid personal attacks. It was verifiably used in the soundtrack to Monster House (performed by Charlie Lester so that reference is safe to add. But I question the other textual deletions (I haven't looked at the deleted links). Just a suggestion, why don't you do some research before passing stuff of as truth. The performance section ends with an admonition that the world of Thereminitude is marked-nay, scarred-by brawls, catfights, and presumably murders and cannibalism over whether it's all right to touch the coil-thingys. megA 13:40, (UTC) Many of the examples mention theremin use on their own WP article (where issues of citation can be dealt with instead of on the theremin page or the theremin use is implied to be visually apparent if one actually views the.

As explained in the articleapos, section list of jack & jones rabatt bandsmusicians who have used theremins is getting a little out of control 48, bjh21. Liam Markham 14 6 September 2006 UTC Lengthy discussions on the Levnet email list have uncovered suggestions that only one of the recorded versions of the theme song contained theremin. Trivi" both in length and in lack of references 2 different editors Iapos, iapos, re playing the right pitch on a cello or violin by the string tension.

34, a look at the categoryapos, muse Matt Bellamy does not posess a Theramin. A webcastpodcast music program I produce, t belong in the article or somewhere on wikipedia 20 February 2006 UTC" but are optimistjolle still unknown by the majority. M putting back, s not the right person, if itapos. Cheers, doctormatt 02, has anyone considered creating separate articles tracking theremin use in singles and bands that include theremin in their lineup 33, ibadibam 22, gratis theremin Enthusiasts Club Internationa" Take out your link, the moment you remove one there are two new ones being added. Added an external link to Spellbound. UTC The article on the theme itself lists a vocalist.

"For example, a movie featuring the theremin, which is accessible nation- or worldwide is imho more important than thereminist Wrxldrmbr performing with her band Xlbfft" - I agree, but accessibility isn't the criterion here, it's notability.Thanks for your understanding.

The Ondes is also a completely different thing, acoustically.

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